«Spiral Love» Earrings Rose


• Handcrafted jewel in sterling silver 925 and double coated with 24k rose
gold plated. Double-coated gilding ensures your jewelry twice the life of
simple and ordinary gilding.
• Materials: 2 24k rose gold plated chains and spirals
• Chain’s length: 10 cm
• Spiral’s width: 2.10 cm
• Spiral’s diameter: 2.10 cm
• Spiral’s thickness: 12 mm
• Earrings’ weight: 1.42g x2
• The pair comes in a deluxe gift box with a quality guarantee
• Style: Minimalist, Zen

The Erotas “Spiral Love” earrings are available in three more materials: silver
925, 24K Gold Plated, Black Rhodium Plated.