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Luminous. Original. Organic.

This handmade lucky charm for 2018 is inspired by people who shine their own light. It represents the sun, conveys its Greek name, and symbolizes a simple, yet vital circle, a radiant heart with no beginning or end.

Helios is a gathering of timeless and universal myths and codes triggering the spirit and mind.

The circled dot is the solar symbol for thousand people, religions, and languages all over the world.

Designed like a healing wheel to embrace your neck or wrist Helios can be worn alone, or in combination with more pendants, like a crew of Heliades, children of the Sun.

In pairs, it represents New Year’s eight, the number of completion, balance, and abundance.

It also, contains the idea of movement, the perpetual motion of everything that travels around the sun.

Helios shines for all.
May you and your beloved ones enjoy its energy and spread its joyful light!

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Helios black


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Helios Rose


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Helios white